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Adtek is geared for your fabrication needs. With our state of the art 4000 watt Amada Gemini Laser, 10' HFE high precision press brake, an autofeed pemserter, welder, saw, drillpress, and other fabrication tooling coupled with CADCAM software, and over forty years of experience we are definitely geared and ready for all of your fabrication needs.

Adtek can provide you with an endless variety of high quality custom parts. Each part with smooth continuous edges and no top side material marking. Products can be processed out of stainless steel, brass, aluminum, plastic and more including hardened materials, pre-formed and pre-fabricated parts. It can cut anything from thin plastic to 3/8" thick stainless steel & 3/4" carbon steel.

Once the parts are cut they can be shaped with the HFE high precision press brake. Combined with Amada's advanced CNC controls, the HFE press brake offers quick set-up even for multi-stage bending. This compact hydraulic system provides high-speed ram movement while maintaining a very highdegree of ram repeatability, resulting in superior bend accuracy.

New designs as well as modifications can be programmed into the system. We can even create the file from just your existing part. Set up information on both the Gemini Laser and the HFE press brake can be saved as electronic digital files and used to quickly produce accurate repeat parts any time you need them.


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